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What alternatives to single person car trips would you like to see encouraged in our community?
What If I Just Want to Ride My Car to Work By Myself?
Updated: Oct 19, 2012 Bill G10

I don't see the option that asks if you would rather continue to drive yourself to work regardless of how high the cost of gasoline is. Maybe I just want to ride my car by myself to work. It allows me to be flexible with my schedule. When I'm done with work I just go out, get in my car and go home. I don't have to wait for a bus. Freedom of choice is a precious thing. Riding my car home with only me in it is pure freedom/liberty. I will pay whatever it takes to allow me that personal freedom. $8.00/gal gas? Sure, not a problem. But, I will know that part of that high energy cost is likely due to an administration who is cool with keeping energy prices high to change the masses behaviour. Am I being a bad global citizen? Probably. People, please don't buy into this idea that mass transit is the solution and that you are being an evil do-er by having a portly carbon footprint. Man-made global warming is not a proven theory. Its based on a concensus of scientists only, where not all of them agreed man-made global warming is the root of everything we are experiencing. Don't believe that the administration and their subordinate department of energy is not cool with higher and higher gas prices? View the link below. Please be aware of this as you talk about increased in gas prices, Joy. Higher gas prices will help encourage the very change you speak of with the Smart Way bus service. One day you'll likely find that much of the increases in gas prices are to get you and everyone else to reduce their carbon footprint in the name of an unproven theory (that we have embraced as fact) called man-made global warming:

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